modified starch processing line

The modified starch(pregelatinized starch), with corn starch, cassava starch or potato as main raw material, turns them into a jellied condition of a rheological baby underhigh temperature,pressure and shearing force in an extruder, receives a lot of ener

GK horizontal scraper discharging centrifugal separator

GK horizontal scraper discharging centrifugal separator is open the feeding valve after fully running, the material pass the hopper to go into drum and distribute on the drum filtering medium. Under the centrifugal force, the liquid will be removed from f

GKH horizontal scraper discharging centrifugal separator

GKH horizontal scraper discharging centrifugal separator is a fully automatic-controling, continuous running, intermittent discharging filter type centrifugal separator. It can finish recoiling, feeding, dewatering, washing, discharging and unloading at f

LW horizontal screw discharging centrifugal separator

LW horizontal screw discharging centrifugal separator is fully automatic running settling centrifugal machine. Realize feeding, settling, drying, discharging, unloading under high speed. It is suitable for separating crystal and short fiber type material

IND type starch pump

IND type curved screen starch pump is single-stage single suction centrifugal pump supporting rack, the products of the company introduction of foreign advanced technology, optimize the first product design, the product design is reasonable in structure,

PW type pump to transmit maize

PW pump to transmit maize is designed by JB2975-8 "centrifugal pump sewage pump" published standard a new series transmit pump. The series pumps desined new, the struction new tight, the size small, the high efficiency. This is a high efficient, econmize

TDB potato conveying pump

TDB type potato conveying pump is single stage and single suction, solid-liquid two-phase flow horizontal centrifugal pump. The pump is mainly used in the starch processing industry for conveying and cleaning potatos and sweet potatos.

Multi-effect falling film evaporator

Multi-effect falling film evaporator is a highly efficient one way non circulating type membrane type evaporation.

Forced circulation (FC) crystallizer

Forced circulation crystallizer can be single effect also can be double effect, or steam recompressed type(TVR or NVR).

Horizontal screw discharging centrifugal separator

The machine has reasonable structure, advanced process, good manufacture, is able to concentrate, dewater or sort the particles from several micrometer to 3mm

HR double stage piston pushing centrifugal separator

HR centrifugal separator has the advantages of continuous working, high capacity, low consumption, no peakload, compact structure, fast drying, good corrosion resistance, stably running, small vibration, hard broken, residue can be washed.

PW type pump to transmit maize

PW pump to transmit maize is designed by JB2975-8 "centrifugal pump sewage pump" published standard a new series transmit pum. The series pump designed new, the structure new tight, the size small, the high efficiency. This is a high efficient, econmize e

FBZ steel pump for auto suction

FBZ automatic suction pump is single level and suction centrifugal pump, without bottom valve but can transport liquid without filling liquid again after the first filling. It holds the character of tight structure, easily moving, etc. Wide used in chemic

Tubular densitometer

TQ-884 liquid densitometer is installed in the pipes, can continuous online measure the density of the fluid, it is used for the process control which density is the most important control point, or as viewer of weight control data such as solid percent o

Online viscometer

TQ-810 vibration type online viscometer is assembled with probe and transmitter, can online measuring viscosity of liquid, and output 4-20mA signal to complex the auto control, the product is intergrated designed, easy to install it onto reaction still, r

TQSX series gravity classified stoner

 Suction style specific weight stone remover is mainly used in foodstuff or feedstuff plants. The stone remover is able to remove stone from grains, wheat, rice, beans, corns, sesames, rapeseeds and malts as well as other granules such as chemical plastic

TQLZ series vibrating cleaning sieve

As vibration source, vibrating cleaning sieve features as the adjustable vibration amplitude, smooth operation, no overflow of the dust, firm and durable quality, ideal effect of reemoving the impurity, etc. It can be used in the cleaning stages for grain

Self-priming rubber lobe pump

Rubber lobe pump is a positive displacement pump with self-suction, no one-way valve and flux is proportionate to rotarion speed. Compact structure, convenient assembling, smooth running, low energy cost, high efficiency, small shear force to media, good

Roller-type rotor pump

The roller-type rotor pump is a new rotation displacement pump. It is among the best fluid delivery pumps, consisting chiefly of cavity, rotator and roller. The roller turns closedly against the inner walls of the cavity under the centrifugal and hydrauli

2BV Series vacuum pump

2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping the gases and steam. Its suction pressure can reach 33mbar (abs) (i.e. 97 % vacuum degree). If the transformer oil is used as the operating liquid, these pumps are called oil ring vacuum pump and

ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, also called pipeline pump, adopts the performance parameters of IS centrifugal pumps, combined and designed on the basis of ordinary vertical pump. The series is suitable to transport clean water below 80℃, and othe

Side agitator

The agitator is on the side of the equipment, shorten the agitating axle, improved the stability. When installing, there are angles on both side of horizontal and verticle, forming the circulation flow to make fasten the mixture of the material. Side agit

Belt reducer

The frame use double support structure, the supporting span is large, running stably. Simple structure, the belt slips when over load, can protect motor. Easy to install and maintain, positive and negative rotating is allowed.

Series of New type double-screw extruder

The large –size double screw extruder series, made by the Jinan Saixin Machinery co., is designed and produced on the basis of our experience of puffing technology and the demand for food and international standards and key parts are imported, thanks to a

VF-735DA/VF-735SR butterfly valve

Flage requirements: designed to suit ANSI 125/150, BS 10 Table E, BS 10 Table D, JIS 10K, DIN PN 10/16, Eather flat face or raised face

VB-51DA/VB-51SR Flange ball valve

Face to face: DIN32002 F4/F5, Flange: DIN2501 PN10/16, Certificated to API607 4th Edition

SYF series superfine crusher

SYF series superfine crusher is one of the new core equipment, it is widely used, high industry coverage, the technology is in the advanced leven in China

SYWQ series air dryer

SYWQ series air dryer can be widely used for fast drying of filter cake with moisture 40-70%, the technology is advanced.

Rotor pump

Lope pump is also referred as colloid pump, rotary pump, three lobe pump, milti-purpose conveying pump, and it may be categorized into positive displacement pump. Material conveying in rotary pump is perormed by a pair of rotor in synchronous ratation

NN15 Pneumatic diaphragm pump (plastic)

NN15 Pneumatic diaphragm pump (plastic)

XKJ Series Gear Driven Portable Mixers

XKJ gear drive portable mixers are the best choice for various, from simple to complex, mixing applications. Various motor choice and adjustable speed by VFD (or speed controller) provide flexible usage. The compact structure and strong housing reduce wei

GMR Series Right-Angle Gear Driven Top Entry Mixers

GMR Series Right-Angle Gear Driven Top Entry Mixers


HD5500-EX series isolated barriers are designed explicitly according to latest national standard for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas.


LM85/87 series cage guided high pressure balanced control valves are characterized by super dynamic stability, large allowable on-off pressure differential and smaller thrust force.

Traditional integrated equipment for sewage treatment

The equipment is suitable for living sewage of residence, village, town, office building, hotel, shopping center, restaurant, school, troops, hospital, high-speed road, railway, factory, mine, and scenic area, and organic sewage of slaughterhouse, seafood

Microfiltration water treatment equipment

Microfiltration is also named millipore filtration, is using millipore membrane as filtering medium, the filtration precision is generally between 0.1-50um, the operation pressure is lower than 0.04Mpa. Separating for large diameter bacteria, and suspende

MVR evaporator system

The plate type evaporator is structure compact, and with good economic effeciency, so it replaced normal type falling film type equipment which is large, The plate evaporator has wide plate gap, wide access point and laser welding, these character make it

Crystallization device

The crystallizer has the character of high operating flexibility, adjustable fineness, large capacity, stably running, etc.

Straight-though Shield plate XQJ-TPC-01

Straight-though Shield plate XQJ-TPC-01

Power cable with EPDM insulation board

Power cable with EPDM insulation board

Ingersoll Rand UP series screw air compressor

UP series is not only an integrated compressor system, but also a whole air solution, is a compressed air source for getting highest profit.

Ingersoll Rand normal series centrifugal air compressor

Ingersoll Rand is the first company getting the non-oil centrifuge certificate, which make us become the leader of non-oil centrifugal air compressor.

High efficiency centrifugal chiller

The unit is totally designed by CQGI, using environmental protection working medium R134a, and advanced design method and numerical analysis tech. Compared with similar products, the unit has the character of "high energy efficiency, small volume, light w

Single stage high speed centrifugal blower

Using the advanced centrifugal compressor three-dimension flow technology, the efficiency is high, with wide adjust range, using patent technology of inlet&outlet combined control, guarantee the flowrate high efficiency and stably running in wide range. R

Starch filter

Filter starch digestion and absorption of my company on the basis of similar foreign products, combined with the actual use of domestic users, based on my company's products on the DL series design and development of a new generation of filter. Excellence

Bag type dust collector

Dusty gas through the inlet into the filter, through the filter bag , dust bag is blocked at the surface after cleaning pooled discharged through the feed opening , the purified gas through the bag through the outlet , discharged from the induced draft fa

Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Seamlessly combined laser diffraction and automated imaging into one system, Bettersizer S3 Plus can not only achieve a wide test range from 0.01 to 3500µm, but also provide reliable particle size distribution and particle shape information simultaneously

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Bettersizer S2 is a classic wet dispersion particle analyzer with a high degree of intelligence, excellent stability, and compact design. Bettersizer S2 strikes a perfect balance of function and value.

FQFD-A series of high effect clear powder machine

FQFD-A series of high effect clear powder machine; national level new products; high new technology products of Jiangsu Province; the machine is flour mill used for extraction of wheat pure heart, the donor heart grinding system for grinding the necessary

TQLX series high efficiency rotating vibrating screen

High efficiency rotating vibrating screen of TQLX series is mainly used for flour, feed, rice, chemical, food, oil and other industries of raw materials cleaning and grading. By changing the sieve plate of different sizes, it can clear many kinds of granu