Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator

Factory introduce:Qingdao Yuxi Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling wind power system product, solar power system product, solar &wind hybrid system(on grid and off grid systems).The advantage of our wind tu

Technical Feature

  • Qingdao, China
  • 10PCS/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • AC Three Phase
  • Three Blade
  • Horizontal
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Model NO.
20kw generator
Generator Type
Permanent Magnet Three Phase AC Generator
Blade Material
Reinforced Fiber Glass
Start-up Wind Speed
Rotor Diameter
Rated Rpm
Servival Wind Speed
Wind Turbine Model
Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Rated Power
Max. Output Power
Transport Package
Plywood Packages
HS Code


Factory introduce:

Qingdao Yuxi Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling wind power system product, solar power system product, solar &wind hybrid system(on grid and off grid systems).

Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator

The advantage of our wind turbine :
- rotor diameter 12m , 20kw @ 140rpm @ 9m/s
- electric pitch control , electric yawing
- DC dumpload , AC dumpload , muti-safety protection
- brushless yawing motor, pitch control motor
- Siemens PLC S7-1200 , hydraulic disk brake
- gearless, direct drive, 3 phase ac permanent magnet
- NSK bearing 
- RS 485 communication, 3G SIM card remote control

Horizontal 20kw free electricity generator windgenerator
 technical parameter :

ModelYHE 20KW wind turbine
Rotor Diameter(m)12
Blade MaterialReinforced FPR for wind turbine 20kw
Blade Quantity3
Rated Wind Speed (m/s)9
Start-up Wind Speed (m/s)3
Working Wind Speed (m/s)3.0-35
Security Wind Speed (m/s)50
Starting Torque (n/m)13
Speed Adjustment ModePitch Controlled + Active Yawing
Stop ModeFeathering propeller , Yawing,               Electromagnetic Brake
Generator TypePermanent Magnet Three Phase AC generator
Rated Voltage0-700VDC
Rated Power20KW
Max. Power30KW
Rated RPM(R/Min.)140
Mainbody Weight(kg)1500
Tower Weight 18m(kg)3200

20kw wind turbine power curve :
              YHE 20KW Wind Turbine Power Curve
Wind Speed RPM                   ( r/min )Output voltage (v)Output power (w)

20kw wind turbine generator inner structure : 

Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator

20kw wind turbine controller :
Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator
20KW Wind Turbine Generator Foundation : 
Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator

Plywood packages for shipping :
Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator
Wind Turbine Generator Shipping : 
Horizontal 20kw Free Electricity Generator Wind Generator


Wind turbine main body, blades, controller, dump load : plywood case
Tower : soft package

Wind Turbine PartsPackage SizeWeight
20kw wind turbine main dody3.87*1.12*1.45m2165kgs
20kw blades6.03*0.83*0.52m602kgs
20kw controller0.81*0.5*2m84kgs
20kw dump load0.78*0.55*0.95m94kgs
18m free stand tower12cbm3100kgs
Q : What is the difference between off-grid system and on-grid system ?
A: Off-grid system including wind turbine , off-grid controller ,battery group , off-grid inverter and tower. The electricity generated by wind turbine needs to be stored in battery group .
On-grid system including wind turbine ,on-grid controller, on-grid inverter and tower. The electrical generated by wind turbine transmit to state grid directly.
Q: Does our wind is enough for a wind turbine generator ?
A: As our wind turbine generator can start running at low wind speed 3m/s . So your average annual wind speed is more than 5m/s then you can use it .
Q:  Why buy a small wind turbine ?
A:  YHE wind turbine is a smart investment that will lower your monthly expenses, increase your net worth. At the same time, it will help clean the air, slow climate change, and move us towards the energy independence.
Q: Which model is suitable for me?
A: Please contact our sales with following points :
  1. What appliance do you want to run by the system?  How many watts are they and their working time ?
  2. Your annual wind speed
  3. What kinds of system do you want ? On-grid or off-grid?
Q: Are you manufacturer ?
A: Yes.

Fixed pitch wind turbine 300w-30kw 
Horizontal axis, fixed pitch wind turbine 300w-30kw (low cost, average wind speed lower than 7m/s place)   
300w-30kw wind turbine off grid working system;  
1kw,1.5kw, 2kw, 2.5kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 15kw, 20kw,25kw 30kw wind turbine on grid working system; On grid inverter input data, please contact us to ask for it.
Rotor Diameter (m)
BladesReinforced fiber glass * 3pcs
Rated Wind Speed8991010101012
Start-up wind Speed3m/s
Working wind speed4-30m/s
Survival wind speed45m/s
Rated Output Power500w1kw2kw3kw5kw10kw20kw30kw
Max Output Power750w1.5kw3kw4kw7.5kw15kw30kw35kw
Rated Rpm400350350300220180150120
Type of Generator3 phase AC PMA
Speed regulationYawing, auto brakeYawing,
manual brake,auto brake
Manual brake
Auto brake
Auto furling
Working voltage12v24v/48v/240v24v-360v48v-500v120v-500v
WTG main body weight45kgs56kgs68kgs150kgs310kgs720kgs1300kgs1500kgs
Normal Tower height6m-12m8m-15m10m-30m

For lower average wind place, we provide the larger blades rotor diameter and solution for you.

 Variable pitch wind turbine 
Pitch controlled wind turbine 2kw-60kw (safety and reliable, high cost. In average wind speed higher than 7m/s rich wind place) 
The wind turbine itself control the rotation speed. It makes the wind turbine working system more safety and reliable than normal fixed pitch wind turbine.
2kw 3kw 5kw 10kw is centrifugal pitch controlled wind turbine, with yaw system;

20kw, 30kw, 60kw is up wind, electric pitch controlled wind turbine, with wind measure equipment system.
Both off grid working system and on grid working system

Rotor diameter (m)3.845.410121423
Blade materialReinforced FPR
Blade quantity3333333
Rated wind speed (m/s)91010101099
Start-up wind speed (m/s)3333333
Working wind speed (m/s)3.0-253.0-353.0-353.0-353.0-353.0-353.0-35
Security wind speed(m/s)40404545505050
Starting torque(n/m)
Speed adjusting modeCentrifugal Pitch ControlActive Pitch Control, Active Yawing
Stop methodElectromagnetic + Manual brakeFeathering , Yawing , Electromagnetic
Generator typePermanent Magnet Three phase AC generator
Rated power2kw3kw5kw10kw20kw30kw50kw
Maximum power3kw4kw6kw12kw25kw35kw60kw
Rated RPM(r/min)38030024018014012065
Working voltage24-500vdc48-500vdc48-500vdc120-500vdc240-500vdc500vdc700vdc
Wind turbine weight(kg)1301602601000250028006580

Sales Manager :  Gella - YHE
Phone: 008618553428871 




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